Current Wishlist

1. Saint Laurent Bag

If I were going to buy this bag I would look on gilt and discount site first.[PLA]%20-%20B%20-%20Saint%20Laurent&adgroup=Saint%20Laurent%20-%20Women%20-%20Bags22&product_partition_id=138688490441&product_id=00505041187555&k_clickid=2e54f8fe-5c7d-4c35-bf1d-9ba5506d248e&gclid=Cj0KEQjwlLm3BRDjnML3h9ic_vkBEiQABa5oeagMvPjCGdr_YygrDCk-Cn_8l6dbM0V2vTgmbheIGHoaAvfJ8P8HAQ

2. A perfect choker: the Eddie Borgo Safety Choker


3. Burberry Navy Suede Moto Jacket


Currently on sale:

4. Saint Laurent Sneaker

5. Philip Lim Bag

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6. Ferragamo pointed-toe heels


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